Lost & Found Hanging Stained Glass Snake

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About this product:

Snake inspired stained glass hanging. Measuring about 3 inches across and 8 inches tall (not including chain), with bronze chain and a unique glass prism drop. I designed this pattern and cut each piece of glass, foil and solder. I use lead free glass and patina the solder to a dark grey/black pewter. This suncatcher is multiple shades of opaque and transparent green with textures and iridescence. I added hand painted and distressed gold paint on one side. Each piece is handmade and variances will naturally occur with glass, patina, and solder. Packaged carefully and secure.

Care Instructions:
Can clean with a damp towel or cloth. Brass and solder will naturally patina and darken from use.


• Made in United States

• Weight: 1 lb (453.59 g)